Ponder Pop Culture

the ramblings, musings, and analyses of a high school English teacher


When I was in college, I made friends with movie people. With full-on, media and story-loving people who would discuss ad nauseum about a movie on the thirty-minute drive from the cinema. Breaking down story in its various forms became a habit. Something I loved and love to do.

Then I went to acting school, which despite having students who wanted to be in movies and TV, didn’t have people who discussed like I wanted to. Then grad school was a reprieve for I was there for writing stories and I found people who dug deep. Then jobs I didn’t like, then teaching, which I did like, but finding people and/or a place to discuss at length why¬†Mad Max: Fury Road is an unexpected feminist film is hard.

So, this is my blog to do that. To discuss stories, characters, choices by writers from the artsy films I might watch to my guilty but public pleasure of Disney Channel fare.