Dance with Devils – Well, this is the first anime other than Miyazaki I’ve ever seen. Kinda weird, they sing a song each episode. All the guys are into this one girl. Wait, there’s a genre called ‘Reverse Harem’?? The guys are kinda problematic, a little too extreme. Wait, it ended like that??

Uta No Prince Sama (6 episodes) – Cute, but confusing. And at times, boring.

Vampire Knight – Cool animation, cool world-building. Zero…I like Zero. Wait, what? That’s how it ends?

Diabolik Lovers (2 episodes) – NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! This is not good at all. Why is this okay?

Kamisama Kiss – I love this. The art/animation, the characters, the romance, the fantasy world/real world stuff. I love this so so much. And a satisfying ending! (once I went to youtube for the OVA parts)

Yona of the Dawn – AMAZING! The dubbed girl’s voice is a little annoying, but man what a cool fantasy world. And the characters, I love each of them, so well- developed. Wait, what, that’s the end?

Snow White with the Red Hair (1 episode) – Will come back to. Might be into it at a later date.

Maid-Sama – Hilarious. The guy is occasionally inappropriate, but it’s high school. My gosh, I love all these weirdo characters…do maid cafes really exist?

Kamigami no Asobi – Cool set-up, all kinds of mythology gods…I totally dig this world. I want to hug all of them. Again, why is the ending not super satisfying?

Say “I Love You” – This is so real life (with pretty people)! High school feels a lot like this, why can’t American teen shows take note? Amazing!

Brothers Conflict (2 episodes) – NOOOOOOOO!!!! Same as Diabolik Lovers, just you know, not vampires. EWWWWW!

Blue Spring Ride – Angst/drama city, but so good. I might have to read the manga just to know how this plays out. Like Say “I love you”, this feels very, very real.

Ouran High School Host Club – Off the wall nuts, but I love it. Stupid theme song will stay in my head for forever. I like all the hosts, especially Haruhi. She’s fab. But….that ending? What is with these endings?

Your Lie in April (14 episodes) – Super good, but…I feel like it’s going to totally go the way of Nicholas Sparks/A Walk to Remember and I’m not sure I can handle that.

Kimi ni Todoke (20 episodes) – ADORABLE! I love this girl, I love her friends , I love the guy. I love everything!! I completely need to finish this one.