You may need to watch this first – teen wolf ramble  – to understand my investment into this character and by result, this ship.

Also spoilers for Teen Wolf up to season six, episode ten (the one a few weeks ago).

I knew it was coming. I knew with so much emphasis placed on Stiles (despite his physical absence) and Lydia that we the audience would finally get a consummation of their relationship in the romantic sense. It was too freaking obvious (nothing subtle here) and on that level of a fan, I am so pleased. It’s about time!

But I realized after watching that last episode that there was something that didn’t satisfy. I wasn’t story-satisfied (my term for when I leave a book, movie or show feeling complete). And I should have been because finally Stiles and Lydia are together in the way I’ve wanted probably since the very first episode. But I’m not.

So what is it? What is missing?

It didn’t fit. The way they admit their feelings (more Lydia than Stiles as he’s admitted his feelings many times over six seasons) doesn’t fit their characters and their growing relationship.

The actual scene is Lydia saving Stiles from a ghost rider with the power of her Banshee scream (which should have been used prior to the last episode, but that’s a whole different story), her running in and telling him ‘I didn’t say it back’ (that she loves him after he said it in the first episode of this season) and he replying “You don’t have to.” Then the music swells, they stride to each other and kiss, and then hug. Super epic, right?

That is not them. That is not Stiles. It’s not epic, not in that sense. It’s banter-y, it’s funny, as Stiles rarely goes for sincerity, but covers with a joke. He would have wanted to hear the actual ‘I love you’ from Lydia, and made some dumb remark that she would have rolled her eyes to, but perhaps finally said ‘I love you, you idiot.’ The kiss itself was again, too epic. Too sweeping and intense. They would have laughed, been awkward on some level cause it’s THEM. My favorite part was the hug at the end. That felt sincere, and real. It was much like their former embraces.

You could argue that it’s all epic because of the events prior to them finally seeing each other again. Losing each other, wondering if they’d ever see the other again. So there was a lot of fear and sadness built in those days (?) of being apart. But still, it doesn’t fit. It was too serious, too classic, dramatic romantic couple reunited.

That is just not them.

Which leads me to my title for this post. Anticipation vs. Actuality. Maybe, after so many years of believing they were endgame and waiting for it, there is no way any scene could meet my expectations, my hopes and dreams. The anticipation of ‘will they, won’t they’ fuels stories in any medium. And sometimes when it’s a ‘they will’, it kills the show (Lois and Clark, anyone?). Actuality isn’t satisfying after so much anticipation.

Which is why people invented fanfiction. 🙂