I promise I will update this blog soon. But these types of posts require more thought from me (and planning) than I usually apply. lol. But I’ve been watching some interesting youtube channels and wanted to share.

(Some views expressed by these vloggers are not what I believe)

Passion of the Nerd – I watch mostly for his Buffy and Angel guide, which delve into the philosophy of Joss Whedon and the shows themselves. It’s fascinating to look at great television (and not so great as he does point out the bad episodes) under the lens of worldview.

Nerdwriter1 – He covers a lot of stuff, but I came to his videos through the short look at how Sherlock (BBC) films thought (here’s your link) and it’s truly fascinating to look at the editing and how this vlogger communicates the brilliance of the choices made for the show. There’s some political videos and you can watch those if you want, but I stuck with the thoughtful look at films and books. His one over the Prisoner of Azkaban film is great. (It doesn’t hurt that it’s my favorite book and movie from the world of Harry Potter).